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Meriwether: Fashion and accessories with London Style

Elegance and functionality for an urban lifestyle

In the hustle and bustle of the city, where sudden changes in weather are common, Meriwether is born – the brainchild of Lidia Milic, a restless mind with Croatian roots and based in London. Amidst busy mornings juggling school runs and hectic business meetings, Lidia dreamed of creating a collection that seamlessly fused functionality with style.

“Frankly, I was getting tired of getting wet while pushing a buggy along therainy and windy streets of Chelsea and wider London! For a long time, Iwas looking for a coat that was also a raincoat, rather than having to settlefor either or. As a (new) mom,I wanted to look put together and elegant butI also needed something functional and water-proof given where I live! Thisinspired me to create a line of coats that empower women throughout theday–something that can carry them from the morning school drop-offs,through a busy work day, and all the way to a night out. Something that youcan dress up and dress down, that will lookeffortlessin a business meetingas much as in a park with kids. And keep you dry throughout.”

Meriwether’s coats are much more than just garments to shield you from the elements; they are lifestyle companions designed to accompany you through every step of your daily routine. With a timeless color palette including beige, navy blue, and olive, and silhouettes that blend classic elegance with a touch of modernity, this collection pays homage to contemporary urban life.

Smart details, such as the hands-free internal carry straps that transform the coat into a backpack, showcase the meticulous attention to design that defines Meriwether.

With three distinct lines for each season, Meriwether offers something for every climate. From the versatile Parellel 51 collection, perfect for mild climates and transitional seasons, to the cozy North of 51, designed to tackle the harshest winters, and the lightweight and practical South of 51, ideal for summer showers.

But the true beauty of Meriwether lies in its commitment to performance and sustainability. Crafted from quick-drying, waterproof fabrics sourced from conscious producers, these coats are built to last. Meriwether takes pride in its role as a positive catalyst in the fashion industry, collaborating exclusively with factories that ensure fair wages and minimizing material waste.

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