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Dive into the unique experience of Polo & Business on the Costa del Sol

Discover the fusion of elegance, business, and entertainment in an incomparable setting

The Polo & Business season is about to begin. Starting on April 27th, this event, organized in an incomparable setting, promises to immerse its attendees in an atmosphere of distinction and excellence. In this space, sports, business, and luxury intertwine in perfect harmony, creating a unique experience that captivates all present.

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of the Polo lifestyle

In the exquisite enclave of the Costa del Sol in Sotogrande, a unique experience is presented that merges the elegance of polo with the sophistication of the business world.

Imagine for a moment ceasing to be a mere spectator to become the protagonist of an intimate and exclusive experience. This is the promise of Rocking Leaders & Polo Valley. In the words of Gonzalo Naya, founder of Rocking Leaders, “we have conceived this event meticulously thinking about every detail to create memorable stories worth telling.”

A day to feel like a Polo player

During the event, participants will be able to immerse themselves in the world of polo without any previous experience. From learning the history of the sport to mastering the basic rules and necessary skills, they will have the opportunity to fully familiarize themselves with this exciting game.

The day will begin with an introduction to the history of polo, followed by practical sessions where participants will learn basic techniques and practice their own movements. Initially, they will familiarize themselves with the movements using horse simulators before moving on to riding specially trained horses for this activity.

The experience is specially designed for non-polo players, offering them guided, safe, and fun immersion in the world of polo through various expert coaches.

Gastronomic experience and live music

The event continues with a gastronomic experience that continues in a tranquil retreat by the lake.
Event guests will be able to enjoy an authentic Argentine barbecue, cooked to perfection on a rustic wood grill. While savoring the flavors of Argentina, they can relax while contemplating the panoramic views of the surrounding nature.

To conclude, the event will include a chill-out with live music as a finale. The relaxing session with live music provides the perfect final touch for a day full of polo.

Enjoy every moment with excellent company, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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