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Autobello from Andorra to Portugal

Autobello is the most exclusive event of cars and watches competing to see which is the best

AutoBello is much more than a classic elegance contest for car and watch collectors. It is a unique event, with a spontaneous but carefully thought-out program, where companies present their latest products.

At this event, attendees show and perform with their supercars, stylish motorcycles, military vehicles, one-offs and sport classics. They exhibit their best moves before a white-gloved jury that judges and analyzes them. At the end of the evening, different prizes are awarded, but only two will win the Autobello-SMQ Gold Cup, one for a watch and one for a car.

On February 25, the first AutoBello below zero was held at the Pas de la Casa circuit. Since the first edition at the Madrid Hippodrome in 2008, there have been more than thirty editions of AutoBello in different parts of Spain. During these years a basic rule has been to go looking for summer or at least good weather, as in F1 races, but in Andorra it has been different.

Their next stop is Cascáis, Portugal, for the first time they will travel to this city on May 27th and the event will take place in the marina of the beautiful coastal city. On this occasion, more than 300 new and vintage collector sports cars, as well as special motorcycles, will be on display. Tickets for this limited event will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.


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