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With rhythm: Klaus creates a soundtrack for ZENITH inspired by sounds recorded in the manufacture.

From producing electronic music or working as a DJ to sharing his adventures, emotions and encounters on his popular YouTube channel, Klaus is an Italian multimedia artist and storyteller with audiences all over the world. Klaus, able to share his stories in the most unexpected ways and guide his audiences on sensory journeys, now takes listeners on a unique musical journey through the ZENITH Manufacture. Inspired by what he saw and by the different and unfamiliar sounds he encountered at the Manufacture, Klaus recorded different audio tracks there to incorporate them into a special musical soundtrack tailored exclusively for ZENITH.

Prior to the presentation of this truly unique creative venture in Milan, guests had the opportunity to attend an exclusive cocktail reception with Klaus, a pre-launch to discover the soundtrack, as well as a ZENITH Watch Clinic experience that allowed guests to step into the shoes of a watchmaker and learn how luminescent pigments are carefully applied to the revamped Pilot collection.

Introduced earlier this year, the new Pilot collection has become Klaus’ reference watch since its introduction. This most recent version of the latest in a long series of ZENITH Pilot watches forgoes vintage aesthetics to draw inspiration from all of aviation, past and present. Esta versión más reciente del último de una larga serie de relojes ZENITH Pilot renuncia a la estética vintage para inspirarse en toda la aviación, pasada y presente. For a creative globetrotter like Klaus, it’s a perfect fit.

Sobre la banda sonora creada, Klaus commented: “I was in Le Locle for the first time in March this year and what impressed me most was the heritage preserved by Charles Vermot thanks to the hidden attic. The initial idea was to create a soundtrack to our visit, but once there, I came up with many ideas on how to put what I was seeing into music. The soundtrack “Le Locle” is the representation of my feelings when I arrived at the Le Locle factory: a quiet and peaceful space, beautifully distorted only by subtle industrial machines.”

The opening track from Klaus’ new project simply called “Le Locle” will be released on Spotify, Apple Music and other playback platforms worldwide on Friday, October 20.

Other tracks produced by Klaus for ZENITH will be released in the coming months.

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