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Why in autumn we should opt for laser facial treatments if we are concerned about blemishes

Autumn is the season when we most notice the appearance of skin alterations. During the summer, factors such as sun damage or the loss of beauty routine come together and provoke a skin response in the form of blemishes, acne or fine lines. Among all the techniques, the dermatology experts at Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie Madrid recommend laser.

The laser works directly on skin imperfections in a more intense way. Its action significantly improves the appearance of the skin, directly treating the problem and improving the surface of the face thanks to the production of collagen and elastin. These are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that promote longevity, beauty and anti-aging with a results-focused approach.

At Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie Madrid they study the needs of each skin type to establish a personalized protocol for each patient. So discover the best laser treatments to leave blemishes behind and restore evenness and radiance to your skin.

  • CO2 Laser: The CO2 laser of Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie Madrid is a skin treatment that deeply treats scars, tightens pores, eliminates sun spots and conceals aging lines thanks to its tightening effect. The result is a uniform skin, without marks. Depending on the depth of action, some spots are treated and others are treated, being recommended from 1 to 3 sessions depending on the time they have been on the skin.
  • Facial photorejuvenation: This light and laser treatment rejuvenates the skin and gives it an overall smoother and younger appearance. Reduces dark spots, sun damage, melasma and broken capillaries. It also treats the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots. Achieve a more even complexion, reduce rosacea, diminish fine lines, reduce uneven pigmentation, improve rough skin texture and reduce enlarged pores.
  • Genesis Laser: The Genesis laser heats the upper dermis, stimulating the production of new collagen. Controlled heat kills acne-causing bacteria while treating redness and early acne scarring. Improves and rejuvenates skin appearance, tone and texture in a non-aggressive way. Works from the first session, but 4 to 6 sessions are recommended.
  • IPL laser: IPL laser is based on pulsed light to act faster and in larger areas. Because it has a broader spectrum of light, it is used on larger areas of the skin. This type of treatment is less aggressive and generates new collagen to unify the tone and enhance the feeling of a good face to help us to have healthy and beautiful skin.

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