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What colour hair will we wear this autumn?

Chestnut goes cool, blonde becomes warm with the Barbie influence and reddish tones take over among all the hair colour trends for the new autumn season, stylist Fran Galán is clear on the colour trends that will be most in demand at TBC.

“The brown colour in cool shades. Yes we are reading correctly, the dreamed chestnut that does not derive to red or golden tones comes stomping with its neutral tones with a cold base resembling the illuminated chestnut when we are children.it stands out for some cold shades derived from violet, blue or green pigments to counteract those unwanted tones that make our colour look rusty such as red or orange.it is a chestnut that gives a healthy appearance to the hair full of shine and naturalness always with the least possible maintenance”.

“Warm Blonde. The Barbie movement has reached our salon The Beauty Concept Hair to achieve that platinum blonde with golden and iridescent undertones that achieve a super natural look with lots of luminosity and shine. It can be achieved with different techniques, but the most demanded will be Babylights or Balayage for its easy maintenance and natural look. A classic that remains”.

“Reddish or mahogany tones. They come on strong this season because they bring a great personality and an oasis of different shades among their pigmentations with subtle golden touches for those less daring and also the violets that can become more mahogany tones to harden the features, in this case, for the most daring ones. In both cases the maintenance is higher than other options, but, undoubtedly, everyone who chooses it should know that it will be the centre of attention because of its beautiful shine”.

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