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Voyage Extraordinaire, the fabulous Baobab Collection advent calendar

This is Voyage Extraordinaire, the fantastic proposal with which Baobab Collection invites you to celebrate Advent. An imaginary inner journey accessed through the subtle notes of a fragrance.

As if by magic and as light as a balloon, it allows you to fly to dreamed, visited or loved destinations, whose memories are stored in a mini decorated candle.

From Paris to Mexico via Mykonos. An olfactory journey that goes from the most voluptuous exoticism to the enveloping warmth of woody essences. Surprises are guaranteed as you uncover each day in this calendar that becomes the perfect passport to accompany the countdown to Christmas.

The evocative destinations to ignite the flame start, unsurprisingly, in Brussels. The Belgian city where Baobab Collection originated. Rounding out the list are Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Manhattan, Singapore, Rome, Mykonos, Mexico, Athens, Miami and Saint Tropez. The glass of each mini candle is covered with a silkscreen print with motifs that recall the tradition and artistic imagination of each place.

Get ready to enjoy the magic of Christmas with the Voyage Extraordinaire advent calendar. A precious box full of olfactory and visual treasures designed to fill the home with joy and magic throughout the month of December.

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