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Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma, estrena Solete Repsol

It has been almost a decade since Valdivieso Cocina con Alma opened its doors to delight us with an original gastronomic proposal based on quality and honesty. A formidable job that has just been recognised with a well-deserved Solete Repsol, which rewards those restaurants where you can eat really well at reasonable prices.

Located at number seven on Calle de Fray Luis de León in Madrid, Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma always welcomes us with a big smile and a warm and friendly service that makes us feel at home on every visit.

The gastronomic proposal of Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma is a solemn declaration of intentions with nods to the south and the rest of the world. The young Moroccan chef, Amine Fadily, is a traveller’s cuisine with fun and exotic touches, and her young Moroccan chef, Amine Fadily, creates a seductive collection of dishes that will never leave you indifferent. Original recipes with eye-catching dishes that will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Our visit to Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma began with a fun appetizer of syracha aioli which led us to their famous tomato stuffed with basil cream, truffled burrata, and homemade garlic cracker base. A delicious preparation that we enjoyed from start to finish, before succumbing to the charms of the impressive French oyster with vermouth pearl, onion and salicornia. A real spectacle worth trying when you visit Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma.

We continued with some formidable shiitake mushrooms sautéed with black garlic, soya, kimchi and honey aioli foam, which pleasantly surprised us before moving on to the sensational artichokes confit with Mahón cheese and truffled aioli, lemon and pepper pearls, cumin pea cream and a touch of ham. An exquisite recipe that had us thoroughly tucking into the dish before moving on to the tasty seasonal mushroom socarrat with duck breast, ras el hanout mayonnaise and demi glace.

To finish, nothing better than sinning with Andalusian childhood. An impressive chocolate coulant with oil and salt that makes it worth skipping the diet and forgetting about the calories. Brutal.

Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma, a must in the capital for lovers of good food and drink. A charming eating house where you can collect beautiful moments around a table. See you at Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma?

Valdivieso Cocina Con Alma

Location: Calle de Fray Luis de León, 7, 28012 Madrid

Phone: 910 70 34 76

Web: https://www.valdiviesococinaconalma.com/

Average Ticket: 25€.

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