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UNOde50 continues its support in the fight against breast cancer

For yet another year, UNOde50 shows its support in the fight against breast cancer by displaying its collection of solidarity jewelry for this cause, donating part of the proceeds from sales throughout the year to the GEICAM Group, a leading group in breast cancer research in Spain.

Among these pieces are the Zen Think Pink interchangeable bracelet and charm, products with which the brand has reinvented its iconic ZEN bracelet with a distinctive pink touch in Murano glass. The charm, on the other hand, is sold as a complement for customers who already have this well-known bracelet.

Expanding the collection, in early 2023 – and coinciding with World Cancer Day – they launched Think Pink, a new sterling silver plated charm accompanied with the same pink crystal as the rest of the pieces in the collection. Think Pink, is ideal to combine with the chains and bracelets of personalization offered by this Spanish firm.

GEICAM is the leading group in breast cancer research in Spain and has a recognized international prestige. Among its main objectives is to promote clinical, epidemiological and translational research, continuing medical education and outreach to provide information to those affected about treatments and their side effects, in order to promote their participation in clinical trials.

According to GEICAM data (2023), 1 in 8 women in Spain will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. In addition, more than 35,000 new cases of this disease are diagnosed each year, and it is the leading cause of death in women between 35 and 55 years of age.

UNOde50 takes an active role in the fight against this disease, donating part of the proceeds from its solidarity jewelry to the GEICAM Group and raising awareness of the importance of prevention and the need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

With the sale of all Think Pink products, we have been able to contribute more than 3,300 minutes to breast cancer research.

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