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Epidermal body renewal treatment with seaweed wrap at Cristina Galmiche beauty centre.

Este tratamiento intensivo ofrece un doble efecto antienvejecimiento y renovador del tejido, logrando una piel sedosa, suave, fortalecida y rejuvenecida

In the world of beauty and wellness, there are places that stand out for their commitment to excellence. One of those places is undoubtedly Cristina Galmiche centers, where each body treatment is a true standout in effectiveness.

The team at Cristina Galmiche, expert and highly qualified, offers a range of services ranging from massage therapy to reflexology, including osteopathy, Vodder technique, aromacology, and shiatsu. This diversity of techniques, combined with cutting-edge aesthetic equipment, ensures optimal results in each session.

The primary goal of body treatments at Cristina Galmiche centers is simple yet powerful: to help you achieve the body you feel happy in. Whether you’re looking to improve sagging, combat cellulite, reshape curves, eliminate fluid retention, or regain skin firmness, you’ll find the right treatment for you here.

One of the most exclusive treatments offered by Cristina Galmiche is the epidermal body renewal with seaweed wrap. This intensive treatment offers a dual anti-ageing and tissue-renewing effect, achieving silky, smooth, strengthened, and rejuvenated skin.

It is particularly indicated for reducing body volume, improving firmness, combating localized fat, and providing dermatological well-being to skin with dryness, dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes, or itching.

This exclusive treatment begins with a deep exfoliation using sea salts, followed by the application of a wrap rich in minerals and trace elements that promotes toxin elimination and cellular renewal. Next, an intense manual reducing and draining massage is performed, combined with restructuring and firming actives, which sculpts and tones the body, reduces localized fat, and promotes loss of body volume., mobilizes toxins, reactivates blood circulation, relaxes and reduces stress, and caters to all skin types, including sensitive and atopic ones.

The price for a 60-minute session is €95, and it can be carried out at Cristina Galmiche, located at Núñez de Balboa Street, 103 in Madrid and Maestranza Street, 4 in Málaga.

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