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Portonovo,a sensational slice of Galicia on the Carretera de la Coruña

A true classic of Galician gastronomy in the capital, delighting us with its formidable cuisine for over half a century

Talking about the Portonovo restaurant takes us back in time to 1968 when its creators, a charming Galician couple, decided to start this beautiful project with the challenge of transporting us to their land through our taste buds. Pepe Limeres and his wife Luisa opened the doors of Portonovo fifty-six years ago, shaping a charming family restaurant now run by the second generation.

Portonovo symbolizes a resounding concept driven by the exceptional quality of the raw materials they use to craft all the delectable dishes on their menu. It boasts a great team of professionals who always make us feel at home.

Traditional and classic, Portonovo is a magnificent ode to the product. A clear statement of intent reflected in their impressive seafood directly sourced from Galicia. It’s a concept that never disappoints and is up to the standards of the most discerning palates.

Their menu awaits us with sensational fish, exquisite seafood, and the best Galician meats. Options for all tastes make Portonovo a reference restaurant in the capital that never fails.

Located on the so-called Cuesta de las Perdices, it immerses us in a spacious venue with a wonderful terrace that can accommodate over a hundred diners. It’s a restaurant reminiscent of days gone by, where time seems to flow at a different pace, allowing us to linger over those wonderful conversations that are so enjoyable.

During our visit to Portonovo, we started by savoring an original version of Iberian pork shoulder accompanied by Manchego cheese, tomato chutney, black olive cream, and piparra. A dish that brings a touch of innovation to the classicism that defines their gastronomic proposal and led us to some magnificent grilled scallops, a real spectacle.

We continued with some exquisite grilled white prawns that always leave us wanting more, followed by some delicious grilled squid with free-range egg. A robust and delicious recipe that made us thoroughly enjoy every bite before moving on to try an exceptional grilled sole with pan-fried potatoes, an absolute delight. Highly recommended.

For dessert, we tried some delicious crepe-like pancakes filled with cream and an impressive dulce de leche cake with mandarin sorbet that won us over with every spoonful. The perfect ending to a delightful evening at one of the best Galician restaurants in the capital.

Portonovo, a fantastic piece of Galicia in Madrid, can now boast of over half a century of delighting us with its resounding Galician cuisine, always characterized by quality and honesty.

What more could you ask for?


Address: Calle de Aguarón 7, 28023 Aravaca, Madrid

Phone: 913 07 01 73

Web: restauranteportonovo.com

Medium ticket: 60€

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