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The five most popular destinations for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, these are the destinations chosen for a getaway.

Easter holidays are coming and we take advantage of these dates to get out of the city and make a getaway. Towns, cities, second homes and new destinations to discover are chosen for these dates.

At the national level, beach destinations are the favorites of Spaniards, being this, the ranking of the most demanded last minute destinations for Easter.


SPANISH COASTS From the Costa Brava to the coast of Cadiz, through the famous Costa del Sol, are the most popular destinations for Spaniards. The beach, the sun and the good weather are a guarantee of enjoyment during these dates.

La Palma, Porís de Candelaria

SPANISH ISLANDS Both the Balearic and Canary Islands are always a classic that guarantee good weather and combine relaxation, gastronomy and culture.

Internationally, there are three of the most visited destinations during these dates.


The city of light is positioned at the top of the ranking not only for its impressive Eiffel Tower, but also for its culture, museums and terraces that create a magical atmosphere characteristic of the French capital.


It is another of the international destinations chosen by Spaniards. The eternal city enchants thanks to the journey through time that allows us to make among its ruins and imposing monuments such as the Colosseum or the Forum.


Known for its characteristic English style and impressive architecture, the English capital is chosen as a destination for Easter thanks to its great attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye or the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace. Not to mention its golden mile on Oxford Street, with the best luxury brands for our spring shopping.

For those who can’t enjoy a larger number of holidays this holiday season, the Caribbean, Egypt and Dubai are also our favorite international destinations.

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