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Ansa per Ansa the handbags firm “made in spain”.

Completely handmade and ecological, Ansa per Ansa fights for the future of the planet

The handbags and accessories firm based in Menorca, strives to make its pieces messages and memories that pass from generation to generation. Since 2010, the year it was founded, the team behind each collection wants to share its own universe and DNA with the world.

Handbags Ansa per Ansa

Ansa per Ansa has one goal, to reach all types of women, because there is a bag for every woman, from the most subtle to the most extravagant; from the youngest to the oldest in the family. To achieve this, the firm ‘Made in Spain’ is rich in color, textures and an infinite number of materials.

The bags and accessories are designed and manufactured on the island of Menorca, by authentic artisan hands that have spent a lifetime working with leather. The magic of craftsmanship is also present in its boutique. boutiqueYou can find it in Ciutadella de Menorca, in Ses Voltes street, where her team and creative director, Yola Febrer, will be delighted to welcome you.

Yola Febrer, creative director of Ansa per Ansa

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