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Shine with Chaumet: Discover the new Bee My Love earcuff, an iconic jewel with a contemporary twist

The French Maison presents a dazzling piece filled with modernity and unique femininity

Chaumet adds a new jewel to its iconic Bee My Love collection: earcuffs. These exquisite accessories embrace contemporaneity and are designed to mix and match with other ear jewelry. Whether with subtler studs or bold hoops, they allow for mixing styles, pairing them up, and letting imagination soar.

This bold design, incorporating one of the most emblematic symbols of the collection, features honeycomb cells set with diamonds, which can be worn in various ways: from the top of the ear to the lobe, individually or in pairs.

This jewel illuminates the face and unleashes creativity. It can be combined, paired, or even worn solo. It’s the perfect blend of gold and diamonds for an unparalleled look.

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