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Alicia Framis’ work shines at Galería Canalejas

Una nueva instalación temporal nos acerca la obra de la artista española: la espectacular pieza escultórica interactiva "Leave here your fears"

In the heart of Madrid, the Canalejas Gallery shines with an unparalleled new light, courtesy of the spectacular, extraordinarily sized sculpture by artist Alicia Framis: a three-meter-high diamond crafted from mirrors that reflect the light and essence of those who approach it.

Under the name “Leave here your fears“, this majestic art installation operates as a catalytic mailbox, inviting visitors to free themselves from their fears and insecurities through an interactive experience: by depositing their fears on small written notes and, thus, symbolically getting rid of them.

The work is a poetic reflection that emerged during the pandemic, a time that marked a moment of uncertainty for society and which the artist wanted to reflect in this project. In her own words, “The idea arose from my experience observing how the complex and turbulent times in which we live emotionally impact us. It represents a valve for emotional release and management”

The sculpture, a huge rotating piece with a hybrid shape of a pyramidal diamond, stands as a poetic reminder of human capacity to overcome their own psychological limits. A space conceived by the artist as a sanctuary where any person willing to leave behind their psychological limitations can reconnect with the world around them, materializing toxic thoughts in order to release them. “These intellectual sculptures function on a metaphorical level; when people see them, they know they have a space in the world, a capsule where they can find their moment of introspection, of becoming aware, of letting go”, affirms Alicia Framis.

The installation of this artwork at Galería Canalejas not only enriches the space but also underscores its commitment to contemporary art and its desire to bring meaningful artistic experiences to the public. “At Galería Canalejas, we champion contemporary art, a cornerstone of our philosophy,” states Karine Titli, director of Galería Canalejas. “The environment where a work is displayed significantly influences its reception by the public, which is why we want to offer our space as a place to interact with art outside of its usual context, reminding people that it can be a part of our everyday lives and be found in unexpected places.”

The interaction between art and the public comes to life in this piece, where each visit is an opportunity for reflection, liberation, and reconnection with the surroundings. “I believe Galería Canalejas is a space for encounter and artistic expression from which to promote fundamental messages of solidarity and human connection, an interaction between art and the public that encourages reflection,” explains the artist.

Alicia Framis

“Alicia Framis (Mataró, 1967) is a Spanish contemporary artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.” Her work focuses on platforms for creative social interaction, with interdisciplinary collaborations involving artists from different fields. Trained under artists such as Daniel Buren and Dan Graham, her work is situated within relational aesthetics, performance, and social practice art. She represented the Netherlands at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003). The artist’s work is closely linked to fashion design and the belief that people can achieve a more fulfilling future, a key component of her work manifested through projects that deal with the delicate act of wishing, such as “Wishing Wall” (1998-2001), which collected wishes from places like the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Another of her most significant works is “Letters to the Sky” (2012), a stainless steel sphere that serves as a mailbox to send letters to deceased loved ones. This piece plays with the dual meaning of the word “sky” and offers an interactive experience where visitors can express wishes and emotions towards those who are no longer physically present.

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