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Santoku, the smallest Japanese restaurant in Madrid

At its only table awaits an incredible omakase menu for just €35

Santoku is a tiny and original restaurant on the outskirts of Madrid’s El Retiro Park, where we can enjoy, at its only table for eight diners, an extraordinary omakase surprise menu. A proposal that changes every three months, based on the inspiration of the passionate Venezuelan chef Gabriel Súarez, and is reflected in six courses where two ingredients never fail to have an undisputed role in Santoku’s gastronomic proposal: foie gras and eel.

Santoku is the smallest restaurant in Madrid, with just one long table where we will share moments and conversation with seven other diners, while fully enjoying a surprising evening where we will travel to Japan through its seductive six-course omakase menu.

An appetizing selection of dishes that transport us to Japan through the palate at a very reasonable price. For just thirty-five euros, we can enjoy this unforgettable gastronomic adventure, unique and intimate, which far exceeds the purely culinary boundaries.

The name of this charming restaurant alludes to the famous Japanese santoku knife, which stands out for its three virtues thanks to its versatility. A knife that can be used for cutting, chopping, and filleting, and can be employed for meat, fish, and vegetables.

On our first visit to Santoku, we started by savoring an original tuna temaki. The first course of this surprising omakase menu that plunged us into Santoku’s formidable cuisine. We continued with a daring gyoza filled with Madrid-style stew. A small but bold bite that successfully blends Spanish and Japanese gastronomy and led us to the robust eel roll with foie gras and salmon. A striking preparation that, despite the powerful flavors of its ingredients, was extremely delicate and enjoyable on the palate

The salmon bao we savored next allowed us to enjoy this dish from start to finish before moving on to taste their already famous kabayaki eel caramelized with cane sugar, which prepared our palate for the final course.

We ended with a playful salmon nigiri crowned with a colorful caramelized strawberry, replacing the dessert. A fantastic finale that is eaten in one bite and left us eager to return to this small restaurant that hides behind its four walls… A great essence!

“Santoku, a curious and intimate restaurant with the genuine essence of Japanese cuisine that captivates everyone who visits.

Can you resist embarking on this unforgettable gastronomic experience for just thirty-five euros?”

AddressCalle de Lope de Rueda, 6, 28009 Madrid


Web: https://www.san-toku.es/

Medium Ticket: 35€

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