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Roberto Verino abre el año con una propuesta atrevida: su nueva colección Duotone

Roberto Verino presents the first capsule collection of the year as part of its new annual Circular Creativity proposal. Duotone is the name given to this new bet, which highlights the contrast and reflections generated by the most infallible tones of the color palette: black and white. “While it is true that black and white are timeless colors and a sure hit, this spring the combination of both will be one of the big bets for both day to day and for events and special occasions,” says Roberto Verino.

Duotone is a tribute to colors that never go out of style, that elevate and stylize any silhouette. In addition, the play of light and shadow has been one of the keys to the design of this new collection, which focuses on the simplicity of cuts, shapes and tones. “We started from a minimalist idea in which the focus is on the structure and details of the garments, giving top priority to the materials used and a tailoring measured to the millimeter, to create garments that stylize the person who wears them,” says the designer. Soft and delicate fabrics such as nappa leather or crepe are combined with classic print designs, such as stripes or polka dots, to create a winning combination.

A collection that starts the new annual cycle Circular Creativity

Circular Creativity, Verino’s new collection for 2024, aims to highlight the beauty of the constant, of everything unchanging that happens every season, as happens with the cycles of nature. “We live in a world in which we are invaded by an obsession for novelty, for creating striking things that provoke our senses, but without stopping to look at the background. This collection is born from the purpose of continuing to excite and seduce from simple things, but with purpose,” says Roberto Verino. Circular Creativity is born from the authenticity and the designer’s own universe, who seeks with each collection to offer a recognizable, honest and relevant proposal for the society of each moment.

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