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Saloni presents its XL formats in porcelain tiles

The city of Bologna is preparing to welcome the 40th edition of the world’s most renowned exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings from September 25 to 29, 2023 at the Bologna Fiere. Cersaie will offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore and learn first-hand about the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

Saloni has developed the XL and XS formats of ceramic tiles and presents them as a revolutionary addition to its renowned collections. In large format they present the following novelties: Blending, Byblos, Cavallina, Mattei and Metallo. In mini format: Essence, Blending, Byblos, Cavallina and Travertine. Series that create outdoor or indoor spaces full of style and distinction.

Expanding its range of options, Saloni provides versatility and flexibility in exterior (or interior, with the XS format) design through its products, which allow customers to explore their imagination and personality, adapting ceramics to their aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

The XL formats of these series are ideal pieces because by reducing the separation lines, they provide a sense of continuity and spaciousness in the floors or walls where they are installed. By reducing the number of joints and patterns, XL formats create expansion in small areas with low ceilings. Fewer parts are needed, they are easy to maintain and above all, they are more sustainable as they require less energy to manufacture larger parts.

The XS formats offer a perfect option for small spaces or for those who wish to add captivating details to their interiors. These smaller pieces allow the creation of original compositions without compromising quality and aesthetics, as they are versatile, adaptable to irregular shapes and spaces and easy to renovate or restore, being a safe bet for classic style.

Whether creating a minimalist and modern environment or a classic and elegant one, Saloni offers the necessary tools to transform any space into a unique and personalized expression. The combination of designs, variety of formats and high quality finishes recreate distinctive environments that reflect style and taste.

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