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Poncio, the entertaining concept blending a tapas bar ambiance with Willy Moya’s restaurant, located by the Retiro park

Recognized by the Michelin Guide for the second consecutive year, Poncio awaits us with sensational dishes and delicious signature tapas on its menu

Poncio is chef Willy Moya’s most personal and daring project, the mastermind and owner of this intriguing concept where you can eat really well without breaking the bank. A charming spot that opened its doors in November 2021 and has been delighting us since then with an original gastronomic proposal that continues to gather followers.

Moya left Seville behind to come to Madrid and create in Poncio a seductive offering that reflects the lessons learned in his fruitful professional career and his stays in London, Istanbul, and Seville.

At Poncio, the concepts of restaurant and tapas bar blend, immersing us in a pleasant, informal, and relaxed atmosphere where enjoyment is always guaranteed. With an open kitchen, a cozy main dining room, and a charming terrace, it becomes the perfect location for any occasion. A fantastic meeting point where you can savor honest cuisine that always starts with the best ingredients.

During our visit to Poncio, we started by savoring an original appetizer in the form of zucchini cream with fried onion, accompanied by a delicious Iberian pork pâté with oloroso reduction and sesame oil. A striking beginning that led us to a surprising Poncio gilda made with 00 anchovy, anchovy fillet, manzanilla olive, anchovy paste, and a veil of piparra, which reduces bitterness and makes it easier to eat. An unforgettable explosion of flavor in the mouth, complemented by a reduction of black garlic and colorful chrysanthemum petals.

Next, Quique, our fantastic waiter, surprised us with an exotic ceviche-style scallop with wakame seaweed and freeze-dried corn, a true gastronomic gem.

We then indulged in enormous smoked eggplant croquettes with Parmesan cheese, PDO from Parma, crowned with 00 anchovy and a touch of black garlic. A marvelous bite that we savored from start to finish, before succumbing to the charms of the sensational grilled artichoke flower with yeast foam, romesco sauce, and cured soy yolk. A complete delight that we followed with one of their star dishes, Peking duck rigatoni with shiitake mushrooms and anise-flavored sauce. A fun and daring dish with well-balanced sweet notes, topped off with tasty Soria pork cracklings and piparras. A perfect combination that led us straight to the sweet finale. We opted for the Belén cake with plums, peaches, peach foam, and violet ice cream. A dessert that was light on the palate yet incredibly satisfying, cleansing our taste buds and bidding us a lovely farewell from this original gastronomic concept that captures the best of both a restaurant and a tapas bar.

Poncio, Willy Moya’s most personal project, born in Madrid but with Andalusian roots, takes us on a memorable gastronomic adventure full of flavor and expertise. Once you experience it, it tempts you to come back for more!

Address: Plaza del Niño Jesús 3, 28009 Madrid
Phone: 915 15 74 71
Website: https://ponciowm.com/
Medium ticket: 50€

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