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Mountain Hub Gourmet, a gastronomic delight

Mountain Hub Gourmet is the finest in dining and the perfect choice for guests seeking supreme comfort, style and luxurious indulgence.

A gastronomic delight, diverse and cosmopolitan, with a fresh twist, which is why Mountain Hub Gourmet has been selected as a deserving winner of the coveted Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category Best Luxury Fine Dining in Germany, 2022.

Mountain Hub Gourmet, a Michelin-starred restaurant, is the new fine dining restaurant at the Hilton Munich Airport, which reopened in September 2021 and faces the majestic backdrop of the Alps, right next to Munich Airport. The restaurant’s 33-year-old chef, Stefan Barnhusen, has been head chef at Mountain Hub Gourmet since September 2020. He previously worked at the one-Michelin-starred Jellyfish restaurant in Hamburg, and at the Seehotel Überfahrt on Lake Tegernsee with the three-star chef. Christian Jürgens.

The restaurant itself is spacious and features a sleek, modern design with an unusual semicircular floor plan. It is everything you would expect it to be, and more, with an attentive and helpful service team, headed by maître d’Johannes J. Gahberger. Driven by service, they aim to inspire while remaining true to their spirit of generous hospitality.

A sophisticated, world-class establishment of the highest excellence that celebrates the diversity of its diners by offering a sublime gastronomic experience. Designed for those who appreciate the exceptional, Mountain Hub Gourmet caters to international and local visitors alike, whether for a business lunch between flights or a romantic dinner and evening.

Let Mountain Hub Gourmet chef Stefan Barnhusen and his team take you on a journey of flavors and delight your palate with their fresh, authentic and original signature cuisine that celebrates and infuses the flavors of local alpine cuisine.

Using only the finest ingredients and fresh seasonal produce from the area, along with his refined skill, the food is painstakingly and magically transformed by a passion to another level. Not only a symphony of flavors, but also a feast for the eyes, each dish is beautifully and entertainingly presented with the utmost precision and flamboyant artistic flair, perfectly balanced by color, texture and attention to detail.

With the intention to inspire, Chef Barnhusen presents unexpected combinations and harmonious compositions with intense flavors, which are presented as an interesting menu of up to seven courses, with wine pairings if required. The Mountain Hub Gourmet service team is more than happy to assist with an a la carte option where current gourmet menu items can be served upon request.

Demanding nothing less than the best, it is not surprising that the food is delicious and sumptuous. “For me, the diversity of a menu doesn’t just arise from the fantastic products presented to us. I enjoy the freedom to use all techniques, whether modern or classic, in a way that serves the flavor to bring out the soul of each dish,” says Chef Barnhusen.

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