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Marisquería El Cantábrico, the emblematic seafood restaurant in Madrid owned by the Amorós family.

One of the first seafood restaurants in the capital that already boasts seventy-five years at the helm

Marisquería El Cantábrico opened its doors in 1948, when its creator, Dionisio Amorós, decided to start this beautiful project. A small place at number thirty-nine Padilla Street, where we can taste the freshest seafood cooked daily over a slow fire and with a great deal of love.

Over the years, Marisquería El Cantábrico has become an inevitable meeting point in Madrid’s Barrio de Salamanca. A lively place where it is not uncommon to meet celebrities and familiar faces. With an informal and always lively atmosphere, this charming seafood restaurant is never short of the freshest seafood and its well-drawn beers, which come out at breakneck speed. A perfect pairing that has garnered a multitude of followers, who keep coming back to Marisquería El Cantábrico for a good seafood and beer tribute.

The origin of its name, Marisquería El Cantábricoprocede from its creator’s wife, a beautiful Cantabrian woman who stole Dionisio’s heart, and that is why he named his restaurant after her. Today, Fernando Amorós, the third generation of the family, has taken over the reins of the project that his grandfather started seventy-five years ago.

On our visit to Marisquería El Cantábrico, we started by ordering their famous cañas, which were accompanied by some fantastic boquerones en vinagre (anchovies in vinegar). A formidable start, which led us to some very tasty cañaillas, and some delicious periwinkles of considerable size.

The jewel in the crown, the spider crab from O’Grove, which we tasted next, intoxicated our palate with every mouthful. A full-blown delicacy that gave way to some impressive Galician clams that disappeared from the table in record time. Highly recommended. To conclude our visit we opted for their famous prawns, which are never enough. Very fresh and tasty, they will make us come back very soon.

Marisquería el Cantábrico, a charming seafood restaurant with soul and essence where you can enjoy the best seafood in the capital, always accompanied by beer. Definitely a good plan, isn’t it?


Telephone: 914024087

Address: Padilla, 39, Madrid, 28006

Website: http://www.marisqueriaelcantabrico.es/

Medium Ticket: 40€

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