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Manolo Bakes bets on Caravaca to bring its iconic boxes to life this Valentine’s Day

Manolo Bakes has in its DNA a very strong link with the art world and proof of this are the numerous collaborations it has made with emerging artists to intervene its packaging. Now, for the most romantic day of the year, the coffee and pastry shop chain presents a new collaboration, this time with artist Miguel Caravaca.

Caravaca has intervened both the boxes and the delivery glasses and, for the first time in the history of the brand, also the bags. The artist’s design follows in the wake of his work and his recognizable style. This Caravaca creation is directly linked to the philosophy of Manolo Bakes, since both work their creations by hand, taking care of the details in the elaboration to achieve a quality piece that transmits exclusivity and luxury.

Caravaca’s proposal for the Manolo Bakes boxes speaks of love, a very recurrent theme in his painting, and of course the theme on which the celebration of Valentine’s Day is based. “Love is a basic theme that conveys a universal message that everyone understands. The couple kissing is part of my pictorial imaginary becoming one of the most recognizable series of my painting. This time the peculiarity is that I have painted on the box of Manolo Bakes, but the piece is still a Caravaca 100×100 and becomes part of my ‘collection of kisses’,” says the artist. Thus, Manolo Bakes presents together with Caravaca a new limited edition packaging with the undisputed prominence of the color pink, displaying the colorfulness that always accompanies the artist’s work and the traces so characteristic of his style.

In addition, for the first time, the Manolo Bakes bag will change its characteristic green color for an intense pink with the silhouette of a heart in blue that frames the logo of the brand and the signature of Caravaca.

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