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Le Kun, the new go-to spot for upscale snacking in the exclusive Jorge Juan alley

A new opening that delights us with a tempting menu designed to savor the moment

Le Kun recently embarked on its journey with the aim of captivating us with a tempting gastronomic proposal focused on enjoyment. Led by the affable Canarian with Navarrese roots, Izaskun Albéniz, the restaurant immerses us fully into the essence of her latest professional venture. A charming venue in one of Madrid’s finest areas, poised to soon become a quintessential meeting place in the capital.

Le Kun’s menu features a varied and carefully curated selection of delicious dishes catering to all tastes. An honest and quality cuisine, perfect for enjoying beautiful moments around any of its charming tables. An intimate and welcoming space where small details take center stage, allowing us to fully enjoy each visit. Not only charming but also pet-friendly, warmly welcoming our furry friends into the fold.

During our visit to Le Kun, we started by savoring some playful 50-year-old balsamic tomatoes. A seductive, healthy, and flavorful recipe featuring confit cherry tomatoes drizzled with 50-year-old balsamic and crowned with Tobiko roe, adding not only color but also taste and a delightful crunchy texture that won us over from the first bite. We then indulged in some delicious Soria pork cracklings accompanied by an elegant Pedro Ximénez reduction, a daring and original twist that breaks with the traditional norms of classic cracklings.

The Madrid salad with tiger prawns, potatoes, and caviar, which we tried next, stands out for its balance and subtlety. An exquisite recipe that’s perfect for sharing, just like the exotic Le Kun mussels lightly pickled in Nikkei style.

For the main courses, we opted for the Milanese with tartufata, made with French organic chicken and egg cooked at a low temperature with tartufata. An aromatic and robust dish that we found to be the ultimate star. A complete delight that led us to the sweet moment of dessert. It’s essential to succumb to the charms of Le Kun’s flan, made with goat milk and egg yolks, achieving a result that borders on perfection. Impossible not to scrape every last spoonful.

Le Kun, a new must-stop in the exclusive Jorge Juan alley, has quickly become the perfect destination for those who love to indulge. Shall we meet at Le Kun?

Address: Calle de Jorge Juan 12

28001 Madrid

Phone: 659 70 09 06

Website: https://le-kun.com/

Medium Ticket: 40€

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