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Maldonado 14 classicism and tradition in Barrio de Salamanca

The small great restaurant of the charming Segovians delights us with an exceptional gastronomic proposal that captivates the senses

Classic. Elegant. Cozy. Visiting Maldonado 14 is always a pleasant gastronomic experience, which presents us with formidable recipes of the best Mediterranean cuisine with hints of author, which always exceed our expectations.

A beautiful restaurant located, as its name suggests, at number fourteen of Maldonado Street in Madrid, where its creators, the charming Segovian cousins Julián Barbolla and Francisco Vicente, Paco for friends, take us into an exquisite signature cuisine, in which seasonal raw materials always have an undisputed prominence.

In addition, now and during the month of September, they delight us with the sixth edition of their famous tomatoes grown in their own garden. An exquisite product that can be tasted in the restaurant and also purchased for home consumption.

Julian and Paco, natives of the Segovian village of Cascajares, form a perfect team at the helm of Maldonado 14. His most personal project, after being trained in the best kitchens, including those of Zalacaín and Las Cuatro Estaciones, where they were awarded the coveted Michelin star. An exceptional formation that is reflected in the letter of Maldonado 14.

During our visit, we began by savoring some exquisite fresh grilled vegetables and virgin olive oil. Carrots, green beans, spinach… top quality vegetables that do not require superfluous seasoning to stand out. Just a fantastic liquid gold that contributes to highlight its delicious flavors. We continue with some formidable sautéed peas with ham and poached egg, which are a real spectacle. A dish that captivates the palate and conquers the senses, taking us fully into the essence of Maldonado 14.

We also tried some elegant wild asparagus with shrimp tails that captivated us from the first bite, before moving on to savor the delicate steamed hake on a vinaigrette of raff tomatoes and chives. A seductive, light and healthy recipe that gave way to a hearty partridge in salmis and its garnish. A wonderful game dish that brings autumn to the palate before succumbing to the charms of its famous apple pie. An emblematic dessert that must be ordered in advance because it is prepared on the spot and it is the bane of the sweet-toothed public.

Maldonado 14 is aromas, flavors and nuances of the best Mediterranean cuisine of the capital that are enjoyed in an elegant and exclusive environment where they always make us feel at home. A compelling reason to visit Maldonado 14, isn’t it?


Address: Maldonado, 14.


Telephone: 91 435 50 45

Web: www.maldonado14.com

Average price :45 €

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