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JUAN VIDAL’s skirt the new object of disregard of the most fashionable fashionistas

Versatile, elegant and sophisticated, this is the garment that does not miss the insiders' closet

In a world where trends are the order of the day, there are garments that transcend these ephemeral seasons to become essential pieces in every closet. Garments that go beyond and are positioned as essential not only in the day to day, but also to wear on special occasions where you do not know what to wear. They are what are called basics, although their design does not necessarily make them boring, on the contrary.

This basic closet is something that those who know the most about fashion master to perfection and always keep updated, because they know the importance of these key pieces that always act as a lifesaver in any occasion. Thus, the pencil skirt is one of those iconic garments that has stood the test of time to find its permanent place in the female closet. Versatile and timeless, these are two of its most acclaimed characteristics that have made it a cult object of desire in the fashion world, and rightly so.

This garment is the answer to how fashion reinvents itself season after season while maintaining the essence of its origins. It was precisely Christian Dior’s designs that surprised everyone present at his 1947 Haute Couture fashion show, baptized as New Look, where the silhouettes were cinched at the waist, marking the woman’s body with pencil style skirts that were a revolution at the time. However, one of the proofs that this trend remains is the Saint Laurent collection for this fall-winter where the pencil skirt is the main protagonist combined with oversize blazers as a counterpoint.

The pencil skirt is one of the most versatile garments and it can be worn on countless occasions, which makes it a blank canvas to unleash your creativity. JUAN VIDAL proposes this season an ankle-length pencil skirt, elastic and with a contrasting grosgrain waistband, perfect to wear during the day with the Lulu T-shirt and at night with a more sophisticated top and high heels, in the purest Basic Instinct style.

In addition, another of the qualities of the pencil skirt is that it can be worn in all seasons of the year. From winter with socks and boots, to summer with flat sandals or even esparto wedges, thus becoming a long-term investment for your closet.

This skirt is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time and has positioned itself as a must-have in the closet of the most fashion-savvy fashionistas.

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