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Join the Porsche Ride – Station 3:
The Taycan and the Eco Lab –

Bienvenue en France – the world tour took the Porsche Taycan to the official kick-off of
the Join-the-Porsche-Ride initiative at the Porsche Experience Center at the legendary Circuit Maison
Blanche in Le Mans – a centerpiece of Porsche’s history and always a development and innovation

The mobile, future-oriented laboratory Eco Lab addresses climate change and ways to reduce carbon
emissions as part of the Join-the-Porsche-Ride initiative. It is also concerned with environmental
education and raising awareness of this topic among children and young people.
Against this background, Porsche France is developing climate workshops together with the NGO
network e-graine. One such workshop took place as part of the Join-the-Porsche-Ride kick-off in
France – in the form of a summer camp for children and young people. With the concept of the climate
workshop, e-graine is now going on tour and visiting schools in France. The aim is to bring the topics
into society and to enable and encourage children to get involved with the environment. Part of the
climate workshop is the mobile Porsche Eco Lab, which allows the target group to experience the topics up close.

e-graine is a French network of non-governmental organizations active in global education. Through
awareness-raising actions and training, they inspire people to work for a united and responsible world.
Since its creation in 2006, the e-graine network has designed and implemented original and highimpact educational activities that address the main current societal challenges.

The Porsche Taycan continues its world tour on the next continent. The next stop for the all-electric
Porsche is China.

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