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Imagine Guerlain, a bottle, a jewel and an exclusive fragrance for these unique days.

The bee, eternal source of inspiration, becomes a magical gift that exalts the imagination and invites to Christmas reverie.

A new magical encounter.

In 2022, Truscelli brings you a sumptuous gold-plated bee-shaped jewel, hand-set with 150 sparkling crystals and wrapped in a trail of shimmering stars.

A dazzling trail to celebrate the holidays.

The richness of noble flowers, the enveloping warmth of wood… With Imagine Guerlain, the Maison’s master perfumer, Thierry Wasser, distills the Guerlain imaginary to compose an exclusive Eau de Parfum that will become the emblematic fragrance of the holidays and any other occasion. The orange blossom note lifts this trail to the stars. Its luminous sweetness contrasts with its magical intensity by fusing exquisite sandalwood with delicious benzoin.

The guerlain bee is transformed into a magical jewel.

To decorate the iconic Bee Flask, Francesco Truscelli, jeweler of emotion, has created a sumptuous bee-shaped jewel hand-set with more than 150 dazzling crystals and wrapped in a trail of glittering stars. This fabulous bee that offers Guerlain is more than a jewel: it is a real friendly, poetic and festive gift that enshrines the emblem and the source of inspiration of the Maison to offer you a magical Christmas.

An expression of high jewelry.

This masterpiece of elegance and precision has been crafted by Atelier Truscelli with the excellence of High Jewelry. After the lost wax casting phase, a delicate precious metal working technique, the bee is polished several times before beginning the setting. This is a highly precise process in which the jeweler sets the dazzling crystals by hand. The bee-jewel is then bathed in gold and delicate chains are added to evoke a trail of luminous stars.

Francesco truscelli, jeweler of emotions.

Francesco Truscelli is a creator of emotions and a specialist in customized products. The jeweler, a true master of his craft, creates unique pieces rooted in history that weave links between generations. Truscelli appreciates know-how and transmission, two values he shares with Guerlain. Perfume and jewelry, more than any other accessory, are magical gifts that arouse emotions, give wings to the imagination and transcend time.

A jewel in the shape of a bee.

The bee motif, the Maison’s emblem, had great significance for Francesco Truscelli: “For me, there is a strong link between jewelry and bees. They are hard-working, meticulous and discreet like a jeweler. The geometric shape of honeycombs continues to inspire jewelry designers. And what to say about honey! It is molten gold.

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