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Jessica Goicoechea on the cover of Look the Luxury Magazine

The magazine has chosen the international influencer and model for the cover of its first print issue.

Look the Luxury launches its first printed issue with an exceptional cover, Jessica Goicoechea, in a less usual register for her, with her most luxury version.

Jessica Goicoechea is a model and influencer with more than 1.8 million followers on instagram. She collaborates with major national and international brands and has founded Goi, her own online store.

The first issue is already available for subscription on our website, both in its physical and digital version.

In addition, this VOL 01 of Look the Luxury, comes loaded with articles and reports from our 9 sections, Automobiles, Jewelry and Watches, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Travel, Hotels and Gourmet, all of them dedicated to the luxury sector.

Among the firms that appear in this first issue we can find reports and news of: Porsche, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Hublot, Bulgari,Dior, Charlotte Tilburi, Tiffany, Armany, Chanel, among others.

We can also find a report of the international artist dEMO, who is the creator of the artwork Xambo, image and brand of Look The Luxury Magazine.

In the Real Estate section, we highlight the report on Touza Arquitectos and the luxury penthouses by Gestilar.

Finally, in the gourmet section, the star is “El Capricho” Restaurant, considered the best beef restaurant in the world.

About Look the Luxury: An online magazine, with a bilingual (Spanish and English) quarterly print publication, focused on each of the luxury sectors.

About XAMBO: The Tibetan Mastiff of Look The Luxury, our magazine specialized in the luxury sector, is called XAMBO, a word whose meaning gathers the three treasures of Zen philosophy. Being this breed really ancient and whose role in the communities was that of guardian and protector, it is for us a symbol of greatness and security. It is also currently considered the most expensive pet in the world, with a value of around one million euros.

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