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Iztac, the restaurant of the charismatic Jorge Vázquez takes us into the genuine essence of Mexican cuisine.

With a dynamic menu, which is renewed twice a year, the restaurant has been included this year in the Michelin Guide

In the Plaza de la Republica de Ecuador, specifically at number four, in the place that was once México Lindo, stands majestically Iztac, the great little gastronomic project of the charming Mexican Jorge Vázquez.

A beautiful place extremely elegant and cozy, which takes us into the essence of the authentic traditional Mexican cuisine. Named after an ancient Aztec legend, Iztac delights us with a seductive menu that is renewed every six months, surprising us with its delicious dishes that transport us to Mexico with every bite. Aromas, flavors and nuances, which the renowned Mexican chef Juan Matias captures in appetizing recipes so that we can travel gastronomically speaking the different regions of his country of origin.

The Iztac team, composed almost entirely of Mexican staff, takes us into the essence of the restaurant and makes us part of a cuisine with soul that tastes like Mexico.

On our last visit to Iztac, we began by savoring some spectacular margaritas that we accompanied with some sensational and colorful homemade tortilla chips that we dipped in three varieties of sauces: green, chile de arbol and dried chiles. A formidable start with all the flavor of Mexico that took us straight to the chalupas poblanas. Tasty corn tortillas fried in lard, bathed in red sauce and green tomatillo sauce, with cream, cream cheese and shredded beef, which conquered our palate bite by bite.

We continue with the delicious molotes de maíz, a typical street dish prepared with corn dough stuffed with potatoes and chorizo, topped with green tomatillo sauce, cabbage, cream and fresh cheese. An unforgettable explosion of flavor in the mouth that we thoroughly enjoyed before moving on to try their famous Arabian taco. A taco with a lot of history, made with Iberian lizard marinated with aromatic herbs and served on a wheat tortilla with chipotle sauce and grilled onion. A full-fledged delight that culminated with the exotic almendrado huasteco, prepared with dried chili mole, spices and almonds, served with duck breast, sautéed vegetables and sweet potato puree. A seductive game of flavors that is eaten accompanied by its delicious wheat tortillas and rice seasoned with tomato. Original, resounding and highly recommended when we want to feel Mexico in our skin, or rather … On the palate!

Visiting Iztac is synonymous with delving into the authentic essence of the best traditional Mexican cuisine. An unforgettable gastronomic adventure to that beautiful Mexico that we love so much for its chiles, mezcals and that wonderful atmosphere characterized by joy and those good moments that are never forgotten.

Long live Mexico!


Address: Plaza de la República del Ecuador, 4,

28016 Madrid

Phone: 910 09 02 35

Web: https://iztac.es/

Medium Ticket: 45€

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