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Forward_MAD is born to make Madrid the first luxury destination in Europe

Madrid will host, in October 2021, the second edition of this global travel industry event: Forward_MAD. The Spanish capital is a symbol of the transforming power of quality tourism, is an urban destination acknowledged around the world thanks to its history, its cultural heritage, its gastronomy, its endless opportunities for leisure and its commitment to adopt a sustainable model for the city.

> Program and Activities
Each Forward_ edition will have four areas that will be interpreted according to the local nuances and features of each host country. These are the movable parts:

· FORWARD_MINDS: The brightest and most innovative local minds in travel and related sectors will lead a Think Tank aimed at addressing tourism challenges and designing traceable roadmaps to raise global tourism offerings and host destinations.

· FORWARD_STAGE: Inspiration is the engine of the central stage of Forward_MAD, that will host talks, keynotes and executives interviews before the eyes of professionals from various sectors and investment capital. This will be the bridge that will help to transform ideas into business opportunities.

· THE PLAYGROUND: This space will be devoted to open innovation, by fostering organic, spontaneous and direct conversations among attendees to encourage them to discover products and services, explore new businesses and tools, as well as potential partners and suppliers.

· EXPLORE THE CITY: The host destination will design, along with the organization, unique and personalized activities, so that attendees will be able to discover what makes the city that hosts Forward_ special and unique.

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