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El rincón de Vespok the magic of eating in an old hermitage converted into a charming restaurant.

Its pleasant terrace makes it the perfect place to enjoy the summer in the capital.

In the exclusive neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, more specifically at number sixteen of Isla de Oza Street, we find a beautiful restaurant with a strong Mediterranean gastronomic proposal. An elegant and traditional space, in a very quiet area of Madrid where you can always breathe peace and tranquility, while we delve into its seductive gastronomic proposal.

El Rincón de Vespok is another of the Vespok 360 Group’s restaurants, which, along with Pólvora, Salitre and the Italian Casa Vito, have enjoyed resounding success in recent years. Its creators, three very enterprising young people, never cease to surprise us with successful concepts that so far have always received a great reception from the public. Álvaro Aguiar, Pablo Casas and Ignacio Sánchez de Toledo, better known as “Pucho, founders of the Vespok 360 Group, have managed to create restaurants where aesthetics play a major role without neglecting the gastronomic proposal.

On this occasion, we visited the Rincón de Vespok, its most classic restaurant, to enjoy first-hand its pleasant terrace now that temperatures are beginning to rise.

We start by tasting a delicious ajoblanco appetizer that gave way to exquisite ham croquettes. Smoky and creamy, they were extremely tasty and we enjoyed them to the fullest before succumbing to the charms of the exquisite grilled scallops that tempted us to dip them in their delicious sauce. The marinated tuna belly that we tasted next surprised us for its delicacy. A soft and pleasant bite in the mouth that led to a striking Russian salad with crab that we would have eliminated much of the mayonnaise.

We continue with an exquisite knife-cut sirloin steak tartar that is a true spectacle. Highly recommended.

To finish, and as a prelude to dessert, we chose the grilled Iberian feather with french fries. A resounding success that was accompanied by a delicious chimichurri that gave way to a very correct lemon and meringue tart.

El Rincón de Vespok, the first restaurant of the powerful Vespok 360 Group, opens the doors of a versatile space featuring honest, quality cuisine with options for all tastes. The most carnivorous public can not miss their new menu chuletón that have released this season at the reasonable price of forty-three euros per person. Tempting, isn’t it?

El Rincón de Vespok

Address: Calle Isla de Oza, 16

28035 Madrid

Phone: 91 199 9610

Web: https://www.elrincondevespok.com/

Medium Ticket: 50€

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