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Dani García trae la cocina de sus orígenes a Madrid con la apertura de Tragabuches

After enchanting the city where he was born with a proposal starring local produce and authentic Andalusian flavors, Dani García now brings Tragabuches to the heart of Madrid. This new restaurant opened its doors on January 4 at 40 José Ortega y Gasset Street, in the central Salamanca district.

It was the summer of 1998 when Tragabuches was born in Ronda, with a young Dani García, only 22 years old, at the head of the kitchen. It was not an avant-garde and multi-awarded restaurant, but the first zero kilometer restaurant, with Andalusia as the undisputed protagonist of its proposal.

Twenty-five years later, Tragabuches opened its doors in Marbella, the chef’s hometown. Thus, the pure Andalusian cuisine, culture and product reached the shores of the sea becoming a refuge to enjoy the flavors of Andalusia again with the family. For the first time in the history of the Dani García Group, Tragabuches brought us breakfasts, an exceptional experience with innovative dishes and other more traditional ones, but always with authentic flavors that stimulate the senses from first thing in the morning. Today, under that same essence, the chef from Marbella has updated that first restaurant that opened his way in the culinary universe and that he now brings to the capital.

In this way, Dani García returns to cook here his land, showing his culture and products, with a raw material that is completely identified with the Andalusian territory, but also pays special attention to the product of Madrid. In the menu there is no lack of spoon dishes and recipes of all life, but brought to the present time, all under the Dani Garcia seal as a guarantee of the highest quality.

With a capacity for 180 people, the space has three floors and three distinct areas: the bar, the lounge and four reserved areas, available at any time of the premises, being a non-stop kitchen.

As for the lounge, its menu includes a wide variety of options that constitute a combination of new dishes and others that are recovered, reinvented, from the original Tragabuches. Among them, there are cold dishes such as seafood salpicón or foie and goat cheese millefeuille from Ronda with caramelized green apple (1998) and other hot dishes such as stewed and crumbled oxtail wrapped in ravioli (1998). There are also classic dishes based on new country dishes, such as the traditional potato omelette or zurrapa, and a selection of Andalusian stews such as rice with black pudding from Ronda and razor clams (1999).

Other relevant sections in the Tragabuches menu are the boutique of grilled fish and meats from Andalusia, with a selection of the best fish of the day brought from the Mediterranean and the Andalusian Atlantic, as well as the best pieces of roasted goat from Malaga and meat at its optimum point of maturity.

With a non-stop cooking model, the restaurant will start its activity in the morning offering breakfast and its kitchen will remain open until the end of the day with dinner. Its breakfast menu includes a wide variety of smurfs and muffins such as zurrapa de lomo blanca. different types of eggs, including eggs benedict with wick meat, and specialties such as the mixed sandwich with trancesa butter. After breakfast, the bar and its menu will take center stage until the opening of the lounge, around noon, and will also remain open during the afternoon until the restaurant reopens for dinner service, so there are options for every time of day.

The culinary proposal of Tragabuches is complemented by a liquid menu of exception and its wine cellar is defined by very good producers, excellent vintages, a great geographical variety and an important selection of Champagne and Burgundy. In the same way, it does not go unnoticed his particular wink to Andalusian wines, both Blancos Tranquilos and Jerez. With approximately 600 references, this is a winery to enjoy between unique bottles and good company.

Dani García thus returns to the origin of everything, with a gastronomic proposal that tastes of his land and is centered on the product. In short, a place designed to enjoy with family or friends and live a unique experience in a differential environment.

Thus, with its arrival in the capital, Tragabuches joins the group of restaurants and spaces that the Dani García Group has in Madrid, among which are BiBo, El Coleccionista, Lobito de Mar (Barrio de Salamanca and La Finca), Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, Leña and Smoked Room.

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