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Clinique launches limited edition of its iconic fragrance Aromatics Elixir

The fragrance has been on the market for over 40 years and is still as successful as ever

It is the first fragrance that Clinique launched on the market, created in 1971 by Carol Phillips, a visionary in the beauty industry along with master perfumer, Bernard Chant.

It is also the first aromatherapy fragrance, a technique that uses aromatic essences extracted naturally from plants to improve mood, anxiety, sleep or pain.

After more than 40 years in perfumeries, it is still a successful fragrance, due to its original composition of essential aromatic notes. To celebrate, Clinique wanted to launch a Limited Edition of Aromatics Elixir with a different packaging but keeping its essence as always.

This floral fragrance, categorized as mysterious, subtle and pleasant, transcends the very function of a perfume. It offers sensations of purity and balance, thanks to its toning and soothing properties that stimulate the senses. It is perfect for daily use, prolonging the feeling of well-being, and is aimed at all those women who are looking for a fragrance that mimics the skin and provides durability throughout the day.

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