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Bentley opens its first store in Korea

The automobile manufacturer is investing in its first retail shop in the world, marking a before and after for the brand

Bentley presents Bentley Cube, its first retail store in the world that will be the pioneer for the rest of the spaces that will be opened in the most important cities.

This store is completely experiential and features all the car brand’s signature details. From a diamond display stand for the exhibition of their cars to the decoration of straight-grained walnutThe new model, a material used in some of the brand’s earliest cars and still one of the most popular veneer choices among today’s customers, is reinvented in a contemporary form language that respects the natural beauty of the material.

Hanjoon Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Charmzone AutomotiveThe opening of the Bentley Cube marks a new chapter for extraordinary customer journeys in Korea, and builds on an important milestone for exclusive customer experiences through the Bentley Seoul Membership program launched last year with the opening of Bentley Tower in Seoul. With the Bentley Cube, Charmzone Automotive will establish Bentley as a leading luxury lifestyle brand in Korea, backed by our experience of being one of the first luxury car brands to enter Korea in 2006, and leading the Korean luxury car market for the past 17 years.”

During the inauguration, customers were able to enjoy the Bentley Batur by Mulliner, the latest bodywork vehicle created by Mulliner. Limited to 18 examples worldwide, the Batur features a new minimalist design language and defines Bentley’ s style in the next era of electric cars.

At the Bentley Cube unveiling event , Bentley unveiled a limited edition Mulliner Collection, designed in collaboration with contemporary artist Ha Tae Im. Limited to a series of Continental GT models, the vehicles in the Mulliner Collection will reflect Ha Tae Im ‘s signature “Band of Color” and the formative rhythmic language of his art. Each vehicle will be accompanied by a unique artwork created by Ha Tae Im to celebrate the limited edition model. This will be an exciting foray as the Mulliner Collection ‘s first project in Korea.

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