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Al Punto, a resounding market cuisine on Machupichu Avenue

After more than a decade of life, Al Punto introduces us to a seductive concept of Mediterranean flavors

Al punto opened its doors back in 2012 in the exclusive Madrid neighborhood of Conde Orgaz, boasting a careful market cuisine that is up to the most demanding palates. A successful formula that soon garnered a loyal clientele that encouraged its creators to open a second restaurant in Paseo de La Habana, Al Paseo.

In both places we find a gastronomic proposal of honest and resounding cuisine, starring the best raw materials that give shape to an appetizing menu that includes options for all tastes. A selection of delicious Mediterranean dishes, renewed every season according to the products of each season.

As soon as we arrive at Al Punto, we find a beautiful and cozy space, where its great team of professionals always make us feel at home. The perfect destination to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple, a careful selection of formidable dishes that exude flavor and know-how.

On our first visit to Al Punto, we started with a fun pink tomato tartar with avocado and scallops, which won us over with its balanced interplay of flavors and textures. We continue with elegant shavings of foie gras with confit boletus and thyme-scented toast, which are a real spectacle. A dish that is ideal for sharing as a starter and that led us to an exquisite steaktartar with soufflé potato garnish, which we found absolutely addictive. to finish, we succumbed to the charms of an impressive beef villagodio grilled with holm oaks, which we accompanied with a fantastic garnish of Padrón peppers and potato soufflé. A choice that never fails and that we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Al Punto takes us into a formidable universe of honest and resounding cuisine, always characterized by quality. A charming restaurant that delights us with a successful collection of delicious dishes that once you try them…. They make us come back very soon!


Address: Avenida de Machupichu, 85,

28043 Madrid

Phone: 913 00 14 47

Web: https://restaurantealpunto.com/

Medium Ticket: 40€

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