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Voraz, the exceptional gastronomic proposal of three friends on the banks of the Paseo de la Castellana

A charming restaurant that started in the middle of the pandemic to delight the most voracious palates

With a huge fish hanging from the ceiling, Voraz takes us on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure that will delight the most intrepid palates. The great little project of three friends and partners: Jaime Arteaga and Diego Pérez Crespo, founders of Do Eat! (specialized in healthy food venues in corporate environments), and Antonio López de Miguel. Three restless minds that embarked on this thrilling adventure in the midst of a pandemic, to surprise us with a new concept that will delight the most sybarite palates.

A pleasant gastronomic space decorated in warm tones, a few steps from the emblematic Paseo de la Castellana, where a formidable selection of raw materials awaits us. Undoubtedly, the perfect plan to enjoy with family, friends, couples, or even business meetings.

Voraz is multifaceted. Versatile. Resounding. A beautiful restaurant where its impeccable team makes us feel at home, while we delve into a seductive menu with options for all tastes. In its menu, starring the immensobesugo that decorates its roof, flavors from the Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Levante, Portugal and America await us. Unforgettable memories of the travels of its creators, which take shape in the seductive letter of Voraz.

During our visit to this beautiful restaurant, we started with a delicious and original appetizer in the form of strawberry gazpacho with a touch of EVOO, which gave way to the impressive Voraz tomato from Barbastro. A visual spectacle that does not disappoint in the mouth and that will undoubtedly bring us back to Voraz very soon. We also tried some tasty voracious croquettes of Iberian ham that gave way to some fun black Angus tacos with marrow, red onion, green tomato with chipotle and rocoto that they prepare at the table before the attentive gaze of the diner. An unforgettable explosion of flavor in the mouth that culminated with the spectacular voracious carabinero with Galician potato and free range eggs from Cobardes y Gallinas that we found a real delight, although we missed the french fries instead of bakers.

To finish, we opted to cleanse the palate with a seductive Murcian lemon sorbet from Obrador Grate, which we thoroughly enjoyed to end our pleasant evening.

Voraz is tradition and avant-garde. An exquisite gastronomic elegance that never disappoints and that once you get to know it… It makes us come back!


Address: Calle de Fernando el Santo, 25,

28010 Madrid

Phone: 914 41 33 01

Web: https://www.restaurantevoraz.com/

Medium Ticket: 50€

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