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The towers of the Alhambra come to Cívitas Puerto Banús

The painter, sculptor and muralist Cristobal Gabarrón exhibits his sculptures

Celebrating the day of Anadalusia, it is important to highlight the different activities that this community offers us and that are truly enriching.

From March 2 to July 2, between the streets and docks of the marina of Civitas Puerto Banus, the painter, sculptor and muralist Cristobal Gabarron exhibits the towers of the Alhambra. Seven monumental and colorful sculptures by the Spanish artist celebrate the harmony between cultures under the symbol of the Alhambra.

The seven sculptures, Torre de la Cautiva, Infantas, Mihrab, Armas, Cadí, Damas and Comares, are polychrome glass pieces that arouse emotion with their shapes and colors. The sculptures denote some of the architectural characteristics of the Alhambra, creating a dynamic whole and different perspectives.

“The Towers of the Alhambra” by Cristobal Gabarrón

The Towers of the Alhambra’ is the sculptural exhibition of the Murcian artist who pays tribute to the palace as an example of tolerance and coexistence, as a meeting point between Muslim and Christian culture. The importance of these sculptures, some of which reach a height of five meters, is amplified in the environment of Cívitas Puerto Banús, which, with its Mediterranean white tones, is an unparalleled setting, allowing the outdoor enjoyment of art and nature in harmony.

Gabarrón’ s work is centered on his interest in humanism, in the life of people in harmony with their natural environment, in peaceful coexistence and the development of human values. And he has chosen Cívitas Puerto Banús to exhibit their work, since it brings together nature, art and culture in one space, offering a leisure proposal for the whole family, and highlights the work of national and international artists, giving them wide visibility as it is a space visited by millions of people every year.

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