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New Nike X collection Chen Wang

In her new collection, Nike designer and collaborator Feng Chen Wang combines craftsmanship, personalization and innovative artistic methods

Driven by a long culture of innovation, Nike and designer Feng Chen Wang present their first collaboration, breaking the conventions of clothing creation to reimagine basic sportswear into highly functional pieces that combine completely disparate cultural and design elements.

The Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection reinforces the brand’s and designer’s commitment to the future of athletes and sport through experimentation. The collection incorporates Feng’s signature overbuilt designs and craftsmanship, employing innovative methods to create functional garments, starting from the usual sportswear, which transcend gender and age, while satisfying diverse needs.

The centerpiece of the collection, the Transform Jacket, is inspired by Feng’s mantra “to possess less is to possess more.” The garment has removable components that allow you to wear the jacket in more than 30 ways and adapt it to different occasions.

The unique design also inspires people to adopt an environmentally friendly and sustainable-minded lifestyle through pieces that offer versatile styling options. Other highlights include structural design knit fabrics that transcend athletic performance: Crop top, bra and tights are winks to the importance of well-being in Feng’s everyday life.

“As a designer, my creative inspiration often comes from my personal experiences, my cultural education and the influences of the people around me,” says Feng, founder, creative director and fashion designer of the Feng Chen Wang brand. “Like Nike, my goal is to create more inclusive and sustainable products. This jacket is a perfect example of how products can be designed with inclusion and versatility in mind, making them fit for everyone. Regardless of the sex, age, body type or sports you like to play, everyone can take pieces of a garment and mix them together until you find the perfect match.”

The Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection will be available globally on September 28 at fengchenwang.com, SNKRS and select Nike stores.

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