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Más de Santa, a charming restaurant with traveler cuisine and surprising signature cocktails in Madrid’s Golden Mile

Chefs Nacho Chicharro and Dani Garrido, along with bartender Álvaro Cañellas and their partner José Tomás Garrido, immerse us in their original project where enjoyment is always guaranteed.

Cozy. Original. Different. Stepping through the threshold of Más de Santa means entering the charming establishment of four hospitality-minded friends and entrepreneurs who, after their respective journeys in the restaurant world, decided to open their own restaurant to express their passion for gastronomy.

An ambitious project, where the carefully crafted drink menu takes center stage when accompanying the delights that come out of their kitchen. A cuisine that exudes flavor and expertise. Recipes with clever nods to travel that take us around the world through our taste buds and make Más de Santa the perfect destination to enjoy life around any of its charming tables.

Located at number forty-five on General Díaz Porlier Street in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid, its space divided into two levels is distributed in three pleasant environments that adapt perfectly to any occasion. At the entrance, a lively and more informal bar area with high tables and stools provides an ideal location for those enjoyable nibbles. Alongside them, we also find some low tables with views of their open kitchen, for when a more relaxed evening is desired. Finally, at the top of the premises, awaits a more classic, Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere, for when we can linger and enjoy those wonderful after-dinner conversations we love. Additionally, in this area, the restaurant also has a charming private dining room, with its own bathroom, which can accommodate up to twelve guests.

During our visit to Más de Santa, we started by savoring an original and delicate appetizer in the form of roasted carrot cream with cumin, cinnamon, and coconut foam. A seductive start that led us to a surprising “ropa vieja” dumpling, which is one of Más de Santa’s star recipes. Tasty and delicious, it gave way to some delicious Idiazábal cheese croquettes with quince and pine nuts that are truly marvelous.

We continued with the striking Russian salad with shrimp and crispy shrimp tortilla, which delights us with a fun interplay of flavors and textures before enjoying the impressive sautéed prawns with semi-dried pineapple and pea shoots with a perfectly spicy kick that conquered us as soon as we tasted them.

The clams a la marinera crowned with katsuobushi are a daring and successful proposal, inviting us to dip into their sensational sauce and lose ourselves in their amazing flavors.

For the main courses, we opted for the Teriyaki-marinated sea bass with jalapeño emulsion. A resounding success, which we accompanied with a delicious side of wok-fried broccoli with sesame emulsion, undoubtedly the perfect complement.

We finished with a pleasant and refreshing cheesecake made with kefir lime, hazelnut crumble, and red berry chutney. A light, citrusy, and exquisite dessert that gives new meaning to one of the trendiest desserts, cheesecake.

Más de Santa, a perfect destination to enjoy life’s little pleasures around a table and be seduced by its tempting drink menu, featuring exceptional signature cocktails that are definitely worth trying. Haven’t tried Más de Santa yet?

Más de Santa

Address: Calle del General Díaz Porlier, 95, 28006 Madrid

Phone: 917 24 17 87

Website : restaurantemasdesanta.com

Medium ticket: 50€

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