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Latxaska Etxea, the essence of the finest Basque cuisine near the Matadero

A charming restaurant in the capital with the soul of a Basque txoko

Authentic, endearing, and welcoming. In a few words, we can summarize the essence of Latxaska Etxea. A must-visit in the capital for lovers of fine dining, it immerses us in a remarkable culinary proposal where several creations stand out, having received awards in various gastronomic competitions. Its latest recognition, during the last edition of ‘Pulpo Pasión,’ in the category of the best avant-garde octopus in the Community of Madrid, reminded us once again that Latxaska Etxea is a true benchmark in the capital for the finest Basque cuisine.

Its creator, the charming Bilbao native Máximo Alesanco, opens the doors to the finest cuisine of his region in his small but grand project, always featuring his iconic oakwood grill. A product-focused kitchen where spectacular fish and fantastic cuts of meat are not missing, reaching their peak after passing through the embers.

In the kitchen of Latxaska Etxea, the charismatic Iñaki Rodaballo reinterprets traditional recipes, adding avant-garde touches that manage to surprise and captivate even the most discerning palates. A cuisine that is worth pairing with the suggestions provided by Miguel Ángel Martiañez, the sommelier of Latxaska Etxea, to make the experience truly unforgettable.

In the dining room, the charming Carlos Pérez guides us into the essence of the restaurant, always suggesting options that best suit our tastes, ensuring we always make the right choices.

During our visit to Latxaska Etxea, we were welcomed with a delicious appetizer in the form of a creamy truffle-infused legume soup. An enjoyable and enticing introduction that led to their award-winning patatas bravas, named Candy Crunch Brava (winner of the Palencia Brava 2021 competition). With eye-catching presentation and a bold flavor, they conquered us from the very first bite before we moved on to try the original mackerel salad, prepared with pink tomato, Granny Smith apple, and chlorophyll cream. Bold and unique, it led to the spectacular rum & chips dish. A plate featuring a base of rum gelatin with potato cream, sautéed squid, and beetroot chip, a combination that will undoubtedly bring us back to Latxaska Etxea soon. While we delighted in their exquisite nuances, an impressive aged beef ribeye arrived at the table, accompanied by homemade French fries – a true spectacle. Flavor in its purest form. Quality in capital letters.”

To finish, we highly recommend trying their homemade cheesecake, which is an absolute delight.

Latxaska Etxea, a must-visit in the capital to savor an authentic offering of the finest Basque gastronomy. Undoubtedly, the perfect destination for lovers of great food… and the finest drinks!


Telephone: 915 27 10 67

AddressPaseo del Molino, 8, 28045 Madrid


Medium Ticket: Entre 40 € y 60€. Bar counter tapas: 20€

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