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La Giralda, delights us with the genuine flavor of the south in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood.

Its creator, the incombustible Carmelo Espinosa, takes us into the essence of Andalusian gastronomy

La Giralda began its journey years ago as a small fried food restaurant in Madrid’s Hartzenbusch Street. A modest place where Carmelo started working as a waiter, and where he later fulfilled his dream of setting up his own restaurant.

After some hard beginnings, Carmelo managed to find the formula for success based on a traditional cuisine, product, with the authentic essence of Andalusian gastronomy. As a result of his perseverance and hard work, Carmelo came to have up to four branches of La Giralda in Madrid. Today, it still preserves the wonderful premises in Claudio Coello with its charming terrace in the exclusive Puigcerdá alley, where we can savor an appetizing collection of delicious snacks that never disappoint.

Tomato salad with ventresca tuna, La Giralda restaurant

A beautiful restaurant of Andalusian aesthetics and bullfighting iconography, which pays tribute to those years in which Carmelo made his first steps as a bullfighter.

Worker. Charismatic. Unstoppable. This very nice man from Almeria continues to work as the first day, with the help of his four children: Carmelo, María, Germán and Paco, and the unconditional support of his wife. La Giralda is a family restaurant with a special charm where they always make us feel at home.

Maria Espinosa and Germán Espinosa, Carmelo’s children

On our visit to La Giralda, we began by savoring their delicious appetizer of potatoes with homemade aioli with a glass of fino. A good start that introduced us to the essence of La Giralda while we studied its extensive and appetizing menu. Finally, we decided to start with their emblematic fritura variada. An abundant portion of squid, red mullet, anchovies, dogfish and baby squid that is worth trying.

Assorted fried food, La Giralda restaurant

We continued with some spectacular fried artichokes with shavings of ham that are a true marvel and that gave way to some sensational grilled baby squid.

We finished with some fun huevos rotos con gambas cristal that were so good that we couldn’t help but to wash down the dish thoroughly.

For dessert, we recommend trying their original mille-feuille tart. A full-fledged delicacy that will delight the most demanding palates.

La Giralda, a charming restaurant that faithfully transmits the Andalusian charm that we love so much. A resounding gastronomic proposal of product that never disappoints and that is fully enjoyed thanks to the great team of professionals who are in charge of La Giralda. Congratulations Carmelo!

Carmelo owner, La Giralda


Address: Claudio CoellO, 24
Telephone: 91 576 40 69

Web: www.restauranteslagiralda.com

Average price: 40€

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