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27 September 2023. Paris, France. Sandra Choi and Harry Nuriev photographed in the Jimmy Choo pop-up store designed by Crosby Studios.

Jimmy Choo opens an exclusive pop-up in Paris designed by Crosby Studios

The pop up reflects the glamorous and fun values of Jimmy Choo’s DNA, creating an immersive environment to house limited edition treasures and collectibles spanning shoes, handbags and accessories. References to the brand’s warehouse are cleverly integrated throughout the space: Jimmy Choo shoe boxes crafted in sumptuous suede leather and topped with gold labels and lined the walls of the space. These details are complemented by a gold-colored seating area and gold panels arranged along the walls, which contrast with touches of velvet that add a sensual and decadent touch, while an infinity mirrored glass door reflects the timeless charm of accessories and shoes; creating a whole new narrative for customers.

“I am thrilled to be working with Harry, bringing his artistry to elevate and invigorate Jimmy Choo’s unexpected design. the space he has created for our Montaigne pop up takes the seemingly utilitarian functionality of the store’s warehouse and turns it into a glamorous, inverted experience. this one is more than the beginning of our creative conversation and I am intrigued to see how it evolves.”– Sandra Choi, creative director of Jimmy Choo

Proclaimed pioneer of global minimalism, Nuriev plays with transformism, which leads him to take existing objects, materials and forms and imbue them with new aesthetic and physical qualities; transcending the usual frameworks of perception.

“I was inspired by shoeboxes and the idea of elevating the warehouse concept to move it to the store front. I love to transform and display unusual objects. As for the color palette of light gray and gold, I was inspired by the brand’s early designs. I also liked the idea of a secret room, or a room that is ‘not supposed’ to look like retail space.” – Harry Nuriev, founder and creative director of Crosby Studios.

The pop up will open its doors during Paris Fashion Week, from September 28 through December. This immersive retail space marks the beginning of a creative collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Harry Nuriev as the first glimpse of a creative concept that will be applied on a larger scale in a new store in Japan opening in December 2023.

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