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El capricho of José Gordón inaugurates the 19th edition of its gastronomic days

The winery El Capricho of José Gordón is considered the best beef restaurant in the world. From Jiménez de Jamuz in León, the group has a livestock farm, a meat industry, a rural hotel and has recently created the Gordón Winery where they produce wines from the Jamuz Valley.

This February at the winery El Capricho the XIX gastronomic days are inaugurated, in which the restaurant has a tasting menu that is available to its customers throughout the month.

This year’s event commemorates the cuisine of Ecuador and Colombia, combining El Capricho’ s famous beef with the flavors of these two countries. In addition, from El Capricho de José Gordón, its chef Diego Nahuel Zárate has counted on the presence of great chefs from Latin America.

Wheat cuchuco courtesy of El Capricho of José Gordón winery

From Ecuador, Luis Maldonado and Joaquín Araque, chef and pastry chef of Tributo restaurant, and Juan Sebastián Pérez Proaño, chef of Quitu Identidad Culinaria restaurant, considered one of the 100 best restaurants in Latin America by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

In addition, the event was also attended by renowned Colombian chefs such as Jaime David Rodríguez Camacho, co-owner of Celele Restaurante, ranked as the nineteenth best restaurant in Latin America, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Marco Antonio Beltrán Rodríguez, head chef of Andrés Carne de Res.

XIX gastronomic days courtesy of the winery El Capricho of José Gordón

Illustrious chefs of Latin American haute cuisine whose vision of the meat product is based on respect for the animal, its life and history, and fully coincides with the philosophy of master roaster José Gordón, who pointed out at the opening ceremony that “it is a pleasure to have the presence of such prestigious chefs from Colombia and Ecuador. Countries in which gastronomy is growing and that are committed to a modern and avant-garde cuisine, but always with a deep respect for the animal and the raw materials”.

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