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Cristina Galmiche presents her new line of body cosmetics

The Cristina Galmiche skincare line debuts with 4 cosmetic products that combine high-quality marine and natural botanical actives

Cristina Galmiche, a renowned beauty expert, esthetician, and entrepreneur who lends her name to her own cosmetic brand, has recently launched her new body line: 4 products that combine high-quality and effective marine and botanical actives. Designed to address the needs of all skin types throughout life, they provide solutions to issues such as loss of firmness, lack of elasticity, dryness, deep dehydration, and aging, with a special emphasis on sensitive, dermatitis-prone, or atopic skin.

“After 3 decades with my facial line in the market, these last 4 years have been dedicated to designing and formulating a body line with which we reinforce our mission to care for skin health from inside the aesthetic cabin and at home with a focus on dermatological well-being. It was important for us to care for the body as we do for the face, and for this, we needed skincare in line with our philosophy of skin care: health and beauty are an indivisible whole” assures Cristina Galmiche.

Active cosmetics for body wellness

In a magical corner where the sea embraces the land and the plants whisper ancient secrets, emerges the Cristina Galmiche body line. Four products that combine high-quality marine and botanical actives: exfoliating gel, anti-cellulite gel, firming cream, and regenerating body cream.

“As the song goes, this is the story of a love… For me, the sea and the plants are endless sources of inspiration. What I have tried to do with this new body line is to pay tribute to our true masters. Each product also reflects my personal connection with the beauty and wisdom I find in these elements, and with the resources they generously offer us to care for our skin with love, respect, and simplicity. It’s my particular homage to the intimate connection between our skin, the sea, and the treasures of nature” explains Galmiche.

The new products are essential basics for body care, depending on individual needs:

The exfoliator, with its gentle caress and soothing effect, is the first step for dermal renewal, an invitation to renew the skin with love and respect. The anti-cellulite gel is designed to treat cellulite and associated inflammation. The firming cream provides firmness and elasticity, restoring the lost youth of the tissue, bringing us back to the embrace of plenitude. Finally, the regenerating cream, a faithful ambassador of the brand’s DNA and its commitment to respectful skin care, contains a high percentage of urea which, in addition to deeply hydrating, helps replenish lipids and renew the epidermis.

Marine and botanical ingredients for vibrant skin

In the ingredient list, the power of marine algae shines brightly: Fucus vesiculosus, Gelidium sesquipedale, Laminaria digitata, Ulva lactuca. These treasures of the sea, backed by science, work their magic on the skin, renewing it at the cellular level, infusing firmness and elasticity, activating circulation, and providing deep nourishment loaded with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

On the other hand, among the botanical actives, milk thistle has been incorporated to promote the formation of endogenous collagen, thus increasing skin flexibility and elasticity. Centella asiatica and rosemary leaves improve circulation, which benefits the appearance of cellulite. Green tea and caffeine are known for their antioxidant effect and their ability to tone the skin and improve cellulite. Aloe vera stands out for its soothing properties, and olive oil, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, is an excellent moisturizer and emollient for skin care and well-being.

For Galmiche, skin problems associated with the body are often considerably more challenging to treat compared to those of the face. “I’m referring to concerns such as cellulite, loss of firmness, lack of elasticity, dryness, deep dehydration, and aging. These are often closely related to genetic factors, unhealthy dietary habits, or lack of physical exercise. Offering a cosmetic solution represents a significant challenge. However, I am convinced that with this line, we have formulated products that allow us to play an important role in addressing these issues” she assures.

Texture and sensoriality

In the design and formulation of this new range of body products, great importance has also been given to the sensoriality and the user experience of the products. ” With our new line, we wanted to incorporate some of these concepts. For example, we have created a fragrance that evokes the bottom of the sea, providing a sensation of relaxation and calmness after a hectic day. Additionally, we have developed different textures for each product, not only seeking functionality but also a pleasant tactile experience that invites us to continue using them day after dayhighlights Cristina.

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