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Six Senses celebrates the elimination of plastic this holiday season

In recent years they have sparked a renewed appreciation that exploration and escapism go hand in hand with reflection on the impact this has on the environment and local communities.

Six Senses has always believed in taking guests beyond destinations to new experiences and cultures, so that they feel the purpose behind their travels. But recent years have brought about a renewed appreciation that exploration and avoidance go hand in hand with reflection on the impact this has on the environment and local communities.

Six Senses, a pioneer of sustainability in the hospitality industry, has set a bold goal to go plastic-free and is committed to weaving long-term positive change into the fabric of each property.

Following its commitment as a founding signatory to the Global Plastics for Tourism Initiative in 2019, efforts to eliminate single-use plastic are underway. This includes eliminating the brand’s “18 most unwanted items” – everything from guest amenities to behind-the-scenes stuff like coffee pods and fruit containers. It also involves purchasing plastic-free products, organizing packaging collection, bottling drinking water on site and sharing best practices.

In 2021, Six Senses was also the first hospitality brand to collaborate with the U.S. Sustainability Coalition and SustainChain™ as part of an ambitious Plastic Free 2022 strategy to eliminate and avoid all virgin plastic materials from its hotel and spa operations.

By the end of 2022, Six Senses will have:

  • Eliminating all unnecessary plastic packaging from bathroom amenities, room amenities and commercial spaces.
  • To have introduced more reusable solutions in kitchens to replace cling film and plastic packaging for fresh produce.
  • In collaboration with suppliers, packaging and other naturally compostable materials have been obtained.
  • We collaborate with other hotels and industry partners to share best practices, supplier recommendations and other information to help all stakeholders move away from plastic.
  • It eliminated more than 1.5 million plastic bottles per year by bottling its own drinking water in reusable glass bottles.
  • Using natural materials to replace everything from plastic straws to toothbrushes, boxes, cloth bags, bottles and reusable and refillable containers.

When the world woke up to plastic straws, we realized we had to go much further to continue leading sustainability in the hospitality industry, so back in 2017 we set ourselves the audacious goal of eliminating all unnecessary plastic

This journey began with an inventory of all remaining plastics, once straws and bottles were eliminated, and now continues with supplier engagement, sourcing natural materials and adopting circular solutions. Our solution to plastic waste is to prevent it before it happens.

Jeff Smith, vice president of sustainability at Six Senses.

The entire group’s journey to banish the “18 most unwanted plastic items” will be showcased and celebrated over the coming months through Instagram reels of local resorts, from guest amenities to packaging. The brand will also publish a summary of disposal figures early next year.

The journey towards the elimination of plastic is made up of many journeys
Every time no plastic is used at a Six Senses resort on the journey toward eliminating plastic is another piece of good news. A day in the life of a sustainable glass bottle at a Six Senses facility highlights one such journey for the cause. It was just one of many bottles that left the refinery that day. Tomorrow it will be full again, ready for another story with another guest. But today, his story has been recorded.

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